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DEMO Consultants delivers innovative, reliable and user-friendly software products developed in close collaboration with its clients. Enthusiastic e​nd-users ensure that DEMO's software is always updated to suit their changing requirements. To facilitate you in an optimal way DEMO provides Online Customer Support and a telephone helpdesk to their clients.

DEMO always uses the latest techniques in the field of software development, such as Microsoft.NET, Ajax, WPF, IOS Object - C, Xamarin. Before applying these techniques in our solutions, they are extensively tested by our Microsoft certified developers regarding practicality and stability. Significant attention and effort are dedicated to the ensuring of a solid development method and the stability of the modular architecture of our software.

Check out the links below for a glance into the most used software products for Real Estate Information Management:

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​RE Suite Complete software solution for Real Estate Information Management
  • RE Maintenance -  Software for (long-term) maintenance planning based on NEN 2767 
  • RE Energy - Software for energy performance  and optimization
  • RE Property C​ontrol - Instruments for integral financial real estate control
  • RE Asset Management Infra - Software for management and maintenance of infrastructure
  • RE GREX - Software for land development
  • RE Risk Management - Software for risk analysis
  • RE Dashboard - Real time monitoring via Key Performance Indicators
  • RE 3D - IFC, gbXML and CityGML viewer for BIM models
  • RE Survey - App for effective survey and inspection

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​​'Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees. How does everyone get the exact piece of information that he needs? DEMO and RE Suite help you to formulate a step-by-step implementation of a reliable system for Real Estate Information Management.'

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