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​​​​​​​What we do


DEMO Consultants optimizes social, public and economic performance by collecting, structuring, analysing and disclosing Real Estate Information. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals deals with strategic management, technical advice and software modelling for the real estate, construction and civil infrastructure sectors. 


DEMO focuses on Real Estate Information Management. We consult on technical management, real estate policy, land management and financial performance analysis. We are neither an engineering company nor a real estate agency. We help our clients improve the performance of their real estate by developing innovative, yet user-friendly, software tools for investment appraisal, portfolio management, strategic decision making, and maintenance planning. By deploying Real Estate Information Management, the quality of the built environment will be upgraded to ultimately fulfil the wishes of the end-users. We help our clients to reduce costs, increase revenue, add value, meet legal obligations and bridge the gap between capacity and knowledge.

DEMO has a unique approach and know-how. We bring together practical knowledge and analytical ability, while our research unit provides us with this link. We aim to be innovators in our field, that is why we work continuously on staying ahead by developing new knowledge and tools. We implement solutions directly through software tools. We have the architectural knowledge, knowledge of regulations and knowledge of real estate economics that are required. We are experienced in the field of​ civil infrastructure and building inspections, business ​policy consultancy, and development of information models and software tools. Although our software consists of standard toolset with applications and modules, it can be tailored according to the needs of the client.

DEMO Consultants facilitates a good understanding of, and full control over your real estate information
DEMO software optimizes your real estate information
DEMO offers creative and sustainable solutions for real estate issues
Through research and product development our knowledge is kept up-to-date
Increasing the sustainability of our current buildings creates the buildings of the future

Synergy is our power

DEMO Consultants holds a proven track record of practical experience. We have a valuable portfolio which gives us the required expertise to provide decision support from a technical, financi​al and organizational perspective. 

This synergy is the power of DEMO.

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