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DEMO Consultants cares about its clients' interests. We strive for long-term relationships with them. Satisfied clients are our driving force. DEMO operates according to a code of conduct that guarantees our independence and integrity and provides rules for conflicts of interest.

DEMO Consultants promises its customers:

  • Excellent quality at market-level costs;
  • The commitment of self-conscious, experienced and well-trained employees who work with passion;
  • A quick and flexible response to questions from clients;
  • Security, stability and continuity. 



The municipality of Krimpenerwaard works with DEMO's multi-annual maintenance software to gain insight into the maintenance status and the required budget for managing its real estate assets. In addition to this innovative inspection technology, the municipality also has RE Dashboard and RE GIS, two additional tools that optimize planning and analysis. 

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DEMO provides the software  RE Asset Management Infra which the Port of Rotterdam uses to inspect the public infrastructure of the extensive port area. With this tool, the Port of Rotterdam can quickly and efficiently control the quality of civil infrastructure and public space.

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​DEMO has configured and expanded the existing infrastructure software (RE Asset Management Infra) to facilitate making changes to existing assets and add new assets to the database. Thus, HbR ensures that the database of infrastructure assets in the port remains up to date. This is essential for accurate asset management​.​

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DEMO has surveyed the housing complexes of TBV in three phases and analysed the risks present in a number of agreed risk areas. In consultation with TBV Wonen, questionnaires have been prepared and different risk classes have been elaborated.

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The municipality Almere has been working since 2012 with RE GREX (GRound EXploitation). This land management system enables Almere to manage the land portfolio in a smart and effective manner. At any moment, the municipality can have an insight into the exact state of land operations and the financial progress.

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SCW has been being a trusted client for DEMO since 2008. We have conducted inspections, condition measurements and fire safety investigations for Tiel housing corporation. SCW has been working for years with our software tool  RE Maintenance.

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For the housing corporation Stek DEMO supplies various services and products with respect to their management and maintenance processes. Stek manages approximately 6500 dwellings in Lisse and surroundings and has a number of business premises.

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DEMO is unique through the combination of know-how and expertise. This is fully reflected in the diversity of services and products we deliver to DeltaWonen. DeltaWonen is one of the largest housing corporations in the Zwolle region and owns around 15,000 dwellings.

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Lefier has been working on condition assessments for more then ten years, including inventory data and inspection related results, using RE Maintenance software for their multi-annual maintenance planning. DEMO has trained Lefier employees in condition assessments according to NEN 2767 in combination with the software application RE Maintenance.

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