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​​​Housing Corporations

Housing corporations are responsible for their performance. It is a common belief among those in charge that this performance is suboptimal. Synchronizing the relationship between the housing corporations and the governments, by describing their roles as ones of a social entrepreneur and an investor respectively, can be challenging. Corporations differ from the way they contribute to the solving of social issues. However, all of them have one thing in common; the broader the span of interventions, the more complex the choices and the more important the required knowledge and mechanisms to appraise the investment options. DEMO Consultants supports housing corporations with knowledge and tools to produce added value.
The challenge is that sometimes housing corporations cannot see the wood for the trees. The key resulting question is: how does everyone get the exact piece of information that he needs? That is the problem that you have to solve when you're dealing with much and complex information. An innovative information policy must come up with an answer to that challenge. DEMO and the RE Suite help you to formulate a step-by-step implementation of a stable system for Real Estate Information Management. Our solution includes among others: effective asset management, financial and economic analyses, technical management, condition assessment, multi-annual maintenance planning and fire safety protection.
RE Suite integrates seamlessly into each ERP system that is used by housing corporations, such as SAP,  NCCW and Itris View point. RE Foundation is the link that makes this harmonization process effective and simple.
You can find here references from housing associations.​

We focus on Real Estate

DEMO Consultants deals with different types of clients: governments, companies, profit and non-profit organizations. 

Our orientation appertains to the built-environment: buildings, utilities and civil infrastructure. ​

Our staff are architects, real estate specialists, economists, ICT experts, software developers and researchers.

We are busy with many things, but we have just one focus point: Real Estate. ​

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