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DEMO works for municipalities, provinces and the Dutch national government. We provide added value to every level of government. Our assignments from governments range from collecting real estate data (architectural inspections) to delivering systems to manage Real Estate Information.

The kinds of issues that can be faced in the various levels of government are diverse. The DEMO approach is to be able to collect, structure, analyse and disclose data and information and that is why we are ready to overcome potential complications at an early stage. At the end, we can give a full insight into the complexity of each situation and a holistic control solution.


Municipalities supply a large and diverse number of products, ranging from a passport to lots. DEMO supports municipalities with both consultancy and tools to smoothen the process of the primary management of their property portfolio. We run for many municipalities NEN 2767-based inspections concerning the preparation of a multi-annual maintenance planning (MYMP) for the Real Estate. DEMO ensures adequate coordination between the MYMP of the individual objects and the total real estate portfolio, and then our software does the rest. In addition, we offer economic planning services and software tools, such as RE GREX, to facilitate the requirements of every municipality. A wide range of municipalities trusts  RE Suite for Infrastructure to manage their infrastructure real estate portfolio. You can find here references from municipalities.


Provinces manage large areas of road assets and other civil infrastructure systems. For example, all N-roads in the Netherlands are governed by provinces. It is a common phenomenon nowadays to find provinces looking for contractors to take care of the management and the maintenance of their assets on their behalf. DEMO provides software products for planning and conducting inspections, facilitating audits, monitoring contracts and giving real time insights into the quality and the condition of the assets. In addition, DEMO assists provinces in the construction of the required utilities and the inspections of their Real Estate assets.​​

National government

The Central Government Real Estate Agency (RvB) has been using the Calculation Model of the Government Buildings Agency (RMR) for years. DEMO has developed the model together with the RvB. The RMB can easily calculate the Life Cycle Costs (LCC) of Real Estate assets by the aid of RMR, concluding to a deduction of the financial leasing cost of the assets.

We focus on Real Estate

DEMO Consultants deals with different types of clients: governments, companies, profit and non-profit organizations. 

Our orientation appertains to the built-environment: buildings, utilities and civil infrastructure. ​

Our staff are architects, real estate specialists, economists, ICT experts, software developers and researchers.

We are busy with many things, but we have just one focus point: Real Estate. ​​

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