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Civil infrastructure


The Netherlands is an international trade and logistics hub. This raises particular interest and defines important requirements regarding infrastructure systems and national and cross-border traffic patterns. In 2016, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment spent almost 9 billion euros on innovative solutions for accessibility, water safety and sustainability issues. The resilience of the local infrastructure systems and the means of transport are not yet optimized. To enhance the international competitiveness, as well as to manage national traffic flows and transportation of both passengers and freights, a good Real Estate Information Management system is essential.

Organizations as owners or managers of critical Real Estate infrastructure assets,  such as the Port of  Rotterdam, as well as nationally operating contractors, trust RE Suite daily to maintain and improve the quality of the built environment (buildings and civil infrastructure). This means they can do their job easier and more efficiently.

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We focus on Real Estate

DEMO Consultants deals with different types of clients: governments, companies, profit and non-profit organizations. 

Our orientation appertains to the built-environment: buildings, utilities and civil infrastructure. ​

Our staff are architects, real estate specialists, economists, ICT experts, software developers and researchers.

We are busy with many things, but we have just one focus point: Real Estate. ​​

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