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DEMO Consultants counsels its customers regarding Real Estate Information Management.​ The policy for steering your company and the system for supporting investment decisions are​ key success factors.


DEMO Consultants knows what's going around and knows the needs of its customers. We have experts with a prolonged ​experience next to our targeted instruments, concepts and software applications. This know-how has been developed on the basis of many years of product development, practical experience and participation in innovation and research projects. By virtue of this experience we offer creative and sustainable solutions for your real estate related challenges.​

Vastgoedinformatiemanagement voor woningcorporatiesZorgvastgoed is een belangrijke markt voor DEMOVastgoedinformatiemanagement
Can we also help your corporation to continue to see the wood for the trees?
How do you create a healing environment in hospitals and nursing homes?
Looking for a refreshing view on your real estate information management?
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