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Andre van Delft werkt als Algemeen Directeru bij DEMO Consultants

​​André van Delft

​​General Director

​​André van Delft (1970) is the CEO and founder of DEMO Consultants and responsible for the strategy and general management. He is an experienced real estate consultant specializing in real estate information management and software developer for the real estate industry. He has designed and developed software applications for ministries, municipalities, housing associations, institutional investors and research institutions. André has over 20 years of experience in several international research consortia where DEMO participated or participates as partner or coordinator. He combines a creative and innovative approach on information management with a pragmatic approach on the development and implementation of the software and services for the DEMO customers. André holds a BSc in building engineering and an MSc in Real Estate Management (TU Delft, Netherlands).

Visiting Address
Delftechpark 10 | 2628 XH Delft
Postal Address
Postbus 642 | 2600 AP Delft
+31 15 750 25 20
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